How does Contadu work?

In the post you will find information on how Contadu works from the point of view of a novice copywriter. Step by step, all the BASIC elements affecting the quality of the generated content are described. Full use of Contad requires learning the relationship between = text entered = analysis/competitor results = and the generated text. In my opinion, it takes about 3 months. 🙂

Table of Contents:

  1. Contadu for beginners Copywriters.
  2. What exactly is Contadu?
  3. Stage I – Registration in the system
  4. Stage II – Create a project
  5. Stage III – Content Writer
  6. Stage IV – Table content writer
  7. Stage V – Content Editor
  8. Stage VI – “draft”
  9. Stage VII – Content Generation
  10. GPT-3 Overview

Contadu – what is it exactly?

Contadu is a platform that provides copywriters with the tools and features they need to effectively plan, manage, optimize and analyze content marketing. It is an all-in-one platform that helps maximize the effectiveness of your content strategy by providing insight to improve performance. The platform provides detailed analysis to increase content performance and identify areas for improvement. Copywriters can use this data to create more effective content. Contadu is a powerful tool for any copywriter who wants to stay ahead of the competition in terms of their content marketing efforts.

Stage one – registration on Contadu.

Create an account on

The trial version is free and you can generate ~10 content per month. The cheapest package at the time of creating the entry costs 19 euros net (89,17 PLN / net). I myself use an option similar to the Business package, but my option is no longer on offer.

Stage Two – Create a Project

A project is simply the address of your website or client. All you need to do is enter the address of the site. Advanced options allow you to add general keywords and connect to Google Search Console.

Stage three – Content Writer

At this stage, we choose the keyword/SERP we want to analyze. This is an important stage because: each analysis costs the points we have bought. And nothing is as annoying as the analysis of a typo, spelling error or even an incorrect variation of a keyword.

How does Contadu work?

Of course, if you are interested in content in Polish, choose Srarch engine and Language on PL.

How does Contadu work?

The content analysis process will start after clicking “START” and lasts up to 2 minutes. During this time, the platform reviews and analyzes hundreds of pages for us to select the most valuable content and headings for selected keywords. In other words: the research of the competition is done by itself.

Stage four – Content writer table

We have reached a table where all our analyzed keywords/SERPs are listed. If you navigate the panel efficiently, note that the last keyword can still be analyzed. This is indicated by the “Action” column. The remaining columns inform about the level of difficulty of the keyword, the number of entries in the Google search engine per month. etc. Each copy analyzes these results and adjusts to the needs of the content at its own discretion.

Stage Five – Content Editor

At first glance, it is clear and understandable, because in simple editors there are the same functions. Personally, it is very similar to the WordPress editor.

Key features of the Contadu content editor.

  1. Tab <meta>
    • The heading “Tilte” of course has already prepared the titles of the competition for you, it would be appropriate to edit them slightly. Of course, the editor counts the number of characters in pixels! The letter “W” takes up more pixels than “I” – it may turn out that something else can be stuffed into the title
    • The “Description” description is waiting for you with ready-made descriptions of the competition and related keywords.
    • Live preview of “what it will look like” in the search engine in the PC and phone version.
  2. Content tab
    • Standard features found in the content editor
    • A character counter of the entire content or, after selecting a fragment, an additional balloon with the number of characters of the fragment.
    • In addition, the assessment of readability, suggestion of the number of characters in relation to the competition top 10 Google and top 30.
    • Overall content rating in scale – including H1, H2, H3 headings, images, alts, etc.
    • Suggested keywords that your competitors use [on the right side of the editor] Suggested keywords contadu
  3. Draft Sketch draft - sketch of contadu

Stage Six – Content Sketch from the “Draft” option

At this stage, we start our work as a copywriter. We need to prepare headings and keywords to be included in our paragraph filled with content. You just have to learn and get along with Contadu AI so that the generated content requires as little editing as possible.

This is what Content draft for SERP: contadu looks like

Adding the selected header is done by clicking “+add”. Pay attention to whether the headline contains keywords. If not, add them manually.

How does Contadu work?

Choose any number of headings. The additional Questions option instead of competition paragraphs suggests a list of questions that are asked in the Google search engine and the answers to these questions will be additionally valued. 🙂

Stage Seven – How does Contadu work? – Content generation.

If we haven’t fucked anything up to this stage, we basically have the job done. We click [Beta generators] and after a few seconds we have the content prepared. The quality of the content accurately reflects the work we have done up to this stage [selection of competitive sites, selection of headline and keywords]

Sample content How does Contadu work? 1:1

Summarizing Contadu and the GPT-3 engine will be slaughtered with negative opinions of copyists and publicists who have been writing medium or weak texts for years – people who do not like changes. They are aware that their work in a dozen or so months will be replaced by AI automation. Their natural defense system says STOP! However, I think that this is a power – even the direction of ChatGPT for future customer service, which I will mention soon. 🙂

PS: Main graphics entry … was also generated by AI. Canva’AI 🙂

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