Luboń Wielki szczyt

Luboń Wielki – the peak of the Beskid Wyspowy 1022m above sea level

Gmina Luboń Wielki is a rural gmina (administrative district) in Southern Poland, in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It is located in the Beskid Wyspowy belt in a nature reserve. It is one of the most interesting places in the region, and not so much crowded by tourists. The municipality of Luboń Wielki and Rabka Zdrój offers a wide range of attractions, from forest complexes and parks, to hiking trails and bicycle paths. For lovers of active recreation it is an ideal place. The very top of Lubań Wielki seems to be super light and pleasant to go, but sometimes it can surprise.

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Getting to Rabka Zaryte – parking

To reach the parking lot in Rabka Zaryte right next to the beginning of the trail (and the end) you should drive from Rabka-Zdrój to the north-east. On the spot, the lewiatan store provides a parking lot for a fee (PLN 10 / day) Payment at the store’s cash desk. Reading reviews about the parking lot we can find out that it gets very wet on rainy days, and some drivers had a problem to get out of it(?) The car park is located several dozen meters from the beginning of the yellow trail.

Which trail to choose to Luboń Wielki?

If you want to climb Luboń Wielki in a loop and descend in a relatively similar place, you can choose several different trails. The yellow trail is the most direct way to the top and leads through picturesque areas such as Zaryć and Perć Borkowski. Blue trail – in the form of a forest path and the longest green trail. From the northern side, i.e. the Glisne Pass, you can enter the red trail, but there is no alternative to descend and we would have to return the same path. The second long-distance line of the blue trail also leads to the top … but it’s not this league 🙂

Luboń Wielki – entrance by yellow trail and blue descent

In the high season, the shelter itself can be a bit crowded, but the access itself is pleasant to walk. The yellow trail which I recommend to enter is a long gentle time – initially fields, and the forest path in a moment turns into a landslide of stones on the section called Perć Borkowskiego. I do not understand bloggers recommending this trail for a walk with a small child or dog :O In my opinion, it is too dangerous. The blue trail is slightly longer, but calmer and leads through gentle forest areas, which are used by the technical service cars of the summit or GOPR. If you are looking for a real challenge, you can try the red trail, which you will descend from Luboń by entering the blue one – which first enters Luboń Mały, and then reaches the shelter on Luboń Wielki. Regardless of which route you choose, you will definitely be able to admire the beautiful views of Rabka-Zaryte.

How much do you go to Luboń Wielki?

To reach Luboń Wielki from the city, follow the yellow trail uphill. The approach is not too difficult and takes up to 2 hours. At the top of the hill there is the PTTK Shelter on Luboń Wielki, where you can relax before descending.

  • The entrance along the yellow trail Rabka-Zdrój, Zaryte and the blue descent will take about 2h 40 minutes it is 7km to go. 550m up and the same amount down. The entrance itself will take 1h 40 minutes.
  • The entrance along the blue trail Rabka-Zdrój, Zaryte will take 1h 50minute and to walk 3.5 km. – The route is recommended for children and pets.
  • The entrance along the longest green trail from Rabka-Zdrój, Zaryte will take 2h 10 minutes and the walk is over 5 km. – The route is recommended for children and pets.

Dormitory in Luboń Wielki

This small hostel is located on the top of Luboń in the municipality of Rabce-Zdrój. It was built in 1931 and serves as a meteorological point and a resting place for tourists. From the hostel in Luboń Wielki there is a picturesque panorama – in the north you can see the Beskid Park, and in the south the rabce-Zdrój commune. The hostel in Luboń Wielki is also a popular place for people looking for a view of all four corners of the world, but to see them you need to move a little because the peak itself is forested.

Interesting facts about Luboń Wielki

Luboń Wielki is a village in Poland with 13 caves. It is believed that the caves were used as a shelter during the Bronze Age. One of the most interesting facts about Luboń Wielki is that the cave in the village was used as a place to shoot the film “The Pianist”.

*The information contained in the entry may be outdated because the account ” Luboń Wielki in the Beskid Wyspowy” was recorded a few years after the last visit.

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