Babia Góra

Babia Góra (Diablak) in Beskid Żywiecki 1725 m above sea level

Babia Góra is the highest peak of the region located in the Beskid Żywiecki. It is 1725 m above sea level and is one of the most beautiful places in Poland. At the top there is a combination of many trails, which are a popular holiday destination for tourists. Diablak is a well-known place for hiking. Due to the very difficult approach, there is not much possibility to reach by bike.

Babia Góra – access and parking

Babia can be reached by car or local transport. Parking is available on the outskirts of the Babia Góra National Park – each is paid – also to stay overnight for example a motorhome. Krowiarki Pass is the most popular way to reach Babia Góra. The beginning of the trail offers two separate parking lots. The Krowiarki Pass is the border of the BNP, and the red trail will get directly to Babia Góra, but the problem will arise with making a loop and returning, because at the top there is a yellow trail, which is ONE-WAY and you can not go down it.

Babia Góra trails – which one is best to choose?

If you are looking for a great trail for hiking, the green trail from Zawoja – Marków, and later from the PTTK Markowe Szczawiny Hut yellow is the perfect choice. Entering this trail connection is the best choice. The yellow trail is not the easiest to travel, but it has “the most attractions” that occur on a relatively short section of the road. The ascent to the top of Babia Góra will certainly be turned up by changing weather conditions, including magical sunrise and sunset – if they can be captured. Please note that the yellow trail is one-way for safety reasons and cannot be used in any direction other than upwards.

Babia Góra – red trail – an alternative for a walk with children.

If you want to choose the easiest trail, however, red is recommended. Babia is a mountain that is especially popular among families with children and I can not imagine that on the chains occurring on the yellow trail they appeared. The red trail is easy and pleasant, and children can enjoy beautiful views, hence I recommend approaching from the Krowiarki Pass.

Is it difficult to climb Babia Góra?

No, it is not. The vast majority of trails leading to Babia Góra are easy and pleasant walks. The only exception is the trail to the yellow – you have to be careful there, because it is steep and slippery. The stone peak is a problem on days with high humidity.

How long do you go to Babia Góra in Beskid Żywiecki?

It depends on which side we want to get there from.

  • The road from the Krowiaki Pass is about 2.5h = 4.6 km with a total of 718m.
  • The trail from Zawoj, Marków is about 3.15h = 6 km with a total of 1004m.

Being already at the top, I also recommend visiting Mała Babia Góra, which is an hour’s walk west of Diablak. On the occasion of hiking in good weather, you will be able to admire the view of the Tatra Mountains, and with the help of equipment and technology, the best observers noticed the gold of the faith at Jasna Góra!

Dormitory PTTK Markowe Szczawiny

Babia Góra is called the “Queen of the Beskids” and is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. On its massif there is a shelter PTTK Markowe Szczawiny it is the only shelter in the area. It is located just below the babia peak, offering great views of the sunrise over the mountains. The PTTK hostels are well equipped and provide a convenient base for exploring the area. It also functions in winter.

Babia Góra – Legend

According to the Babia Góra legend, a young woman named Kowiarka was so shattered by the grief of unhappy love that she turned into stone. The pass on which it stood at that time is today called the Kowiarka Pass. Some say that her spirit still haunts these areas. Others believe that it has turned into a very top. Babia Góra, or “Baby Mountain”, is supposedly her petrified body, and Diablak is her head. No wonder that to this day in her area there are unexplained – rapid changes in the weather – like the mood of a woman.

Is Babia Góra dangerous?

Babia Góra is dangerous for tourists who want to climb there in flip-flops, with animals, small children and completely unprepared for sudden changes in the weather. There are small stone avalanches caused by other tourists, and the paths are often slippery. Therefore, it is worth remembering about safety.

At this point, I throw a link to travel insurance, which costs literally a few zlotys per day of the trip.

How many people died on Babia Góra?

It is not known exactly how many people died on Babia Góra. One of the legends says that more than 100 people died there, who were locked in huts by the element of a stone avalanche. Another legend says that over 1000 people died on Babia Góra, who… drowned. The truth is the death of 53 passengers of the LOT Polish Airlines aircraft in 1969. The cause of the tragedy is not explained to this day, but there are many indications of the fault of the captain of the aircraft.

Panorama from the top of Babia Góra

The view from the highest peak of the Beskid Żywiecki is amazing. From this place you can observe the entire panorama of the Tatras. It is an ideal place to rest and relax.

There is a tourist post office on sewing. You put there one card purchased at the bottom (with the hope that someone else will choose it and send it). and you take another one – after which you send it by traditional mail after leaving the trail.

BONUS TRAIL in the area for the next day: Luboń Wielki

In your free time, check also the proposal of the trail to Luboń Wielki. It is also a PREMIUM cool trail for a 4-5h hike.

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