Zamek Książ w Wałbrzychu

Książ Castle in Wałbrzych No. 1.

Książ Castle in Wałbrzych is one of the three largest castles in Poland and one of the most attractive in Europe. It was built in the thirteenth century, and rebuilt in the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. Currently, the castle is open to visitors and you can admire there halls and chambers, as well as terraces, tunnels and gardens. Książ Castle is also a popular place for meetings and events – especially wedding photo sessions. It also serves as a base for Polish tradition and culture.

What can you see in Książ Castle?

In Książ Castle you can admire rich interiors such as the honorary courtyard or the Maximilian Hall and wonderful views from many terraces. Its gardens, which are beautifully maintained, are also worth a visit. The castle is open to visitors all year round and offers various attractions such as concerts and exhibitions. The biggest curiosity is the underground of the castle in part this trail is open to tourists.

How long does it take to visit Książ Castle?

Książ Castle is one of the largest and most impressive castles in Europe – this must be admitted. Visiting this facility can take up to several hours, so you should book about 2 hours for the castle and terraces + 3 hours for the surrounding area. So it’s worth going early in the morning or late in the evening for a night sightseeing. Of course, I highly recommend a ticket with an audioguide set which is simply sensationally prepared by local authorities and historians.

How much does a ticket to Książ Castle in Wałbrzych cost?

Ticket prices to the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych are certainly interesting – they cost ~ PLN 50 and I recommend buying them online. It should be remembered that the underground, mausoleum, palm house, parking, stable – these are separate tickets, separate fees.

How to get to Książ Castle in Wałbrzych?

To get to the castle, head north from the town. Książ Castle is located between Wałbrzych and Świebodzice. at Podzamcze Street. There is an army of people on site serving the parking lot, who will help to leave the vehicle as much as possible. Motorhomes as well as buses can easily fit. Parking from what I remember cost 20 PLN / day for a passenger car.

The legend of Książ Castle and its secrets.

In Wałbrzych there is one of the most mysterious castles in Poland – Książ. Open to tourists – also at night – which additionally arouses anxiety and horror 🙂 Its inner chambers are theoretically accessible. However, the amount of stories, legends and conjectures – what could have been going on there – are chilling. The most popular of them says that in the basement there is a laboratory of alchemist Georg von Franckenstein, who tried to create an ideal man there. Another legend says that in the castle there is a ghost of Queen Bona Sforza, who, according to records, was cruel and merciless even after death. It is worth remembering about them when going on a night tour of the 🙂

Z – A – M – E – K

Książ honorary courtyard

Książ Honorary Courtyard is one of the most charming places in Książ – we will find ourselves on it immediately after entering the facility. It is located in the very heart, and its character is very similar to that which could be observed in medieval palaces. It is worth stopping here for a moment to feel the power of this place.

Maximilian Hall

This is one of the most spectacular and popular parts. The hall was named after Maximilian Habsburg, who was a member of the Habsburg family and grandson of Charles V. The hall is considered one of the greatest treasures of Książ Castle, as well as one of the most impressive architectural elements in the entire Sudetenland. The Maximilian Hall at Książ Castle is huge, has over 100 square meters of area and is equipped with richly decorated paintings and paintings, a beautifully decorated ceiling. – SERIOUSLY – there is a wypasss and bows to people who care about it.

Underground tourist route

The underground tourist route I mentioned earlier is an unusual attraction that allows visitors to get to know the castle underground from the kitchen. During the tour you can see,, the former chambers, corridors and dungeons, as well as learn many interesting facts about the history and legends associated with the old castle.

The underground has two depths of 15m and 50m and both trails are not always open. Underground tickets must be booked in advance!

Tourist attractions outside the castle

Hochberg trail and the trail around the castle

The Hochbergs liked to spend their free time in the castle. Leading to the second and third reconstructions, they gave charm to this place. Decisions were made that forever changed the fate of Książ Castle. So let’s go on the trails prepared for visitors (map in the photo)

Terraces and gardens of Książ

  • Terrace of the Goddess Flora
  • Central Terrace
  • Terrace Bolka
  • Rose Terrace
  • Chestnut Terrace
  • West Terrace
  • North Terrace

Książ stallion herd and stables

The stallion herd at Książ Castle is one of the largest and oldest herds in Poland. The castle herd has more than 200 horses, and many of them are considered thoroughbred. Visitors can admire the beauty and majesty of the horses and learn about their history and traditions of the stables, which are kept in proper order to this day.

Viewpoint of Książ Castle

The viewpoint is a great place to admire the panorama of the surroundings. There is a beautiful view of the mountains and the forest, as well as the Książ Castle itself. You can come here in any weather and enjoy the wonderful views. I recommend to look into this place during a walk from the castle to the palm house. It is “in measure” along the way.

Mausoleum of the Hochberg family in Książ

Mausoleum of the Hochberg family or in other words – a tomb. This is one of the most impressive and mysterious objects from the times of the former Polish. Built in the sixteenth century, for over 400 years it was the seat of the Hochberg family, which for a long time was one of the most powerful and richest in Poland. The mausoleum is currently open to the public and can be viewed both from the inside and from the outside.

Ruins of Stary Książ Castle

The ruins of the Stary Książ Castle in Wałbrzych are one of the most mysterious and fascinating buildings in Poland. The history of this place dates back to the thirteenth century, when the first wooden stronghold was built. Soon after, however, it was destroyed by the Tatars (?). In the fourteenth century, a new, brick castle was erected in its place, which for several centuries was the seat of the von Hohnstein family. The castle was extremely impressive and impressive, but unfortunately during World War II it was partially destroyed. Currently, it can be seen in the imagination and as the remains of a beautiful building.

Palm House in Wałbrzych.

The Palm House in Wałbrzych is my disappointment with this trip. Advertised as the most recognizable attraction of the city, located in a beautiful, historic building with a wide range of palm plants and other exotic plants, it turned out to be a greenhouse such …. heavily under renovation. Fortunately, the situation was saved a little by the decoration … The Palm House is open to visitors all year round.

Of course, when going to Wałbrzych, it is worth booking accommodation nearby in advance to avoid a race. For my part, I recommend Accommodation NaBank.

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