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Moving dunes next to Łeba – 4h trekking

Moving Łąck dunes are an unusual sight. On the one hand, lake Łebsko on the other to the Baltic Sea. Sands moved by the wind change their shapes depending on the time of day and year. They are very popular among tourists who come to see the northern part of our country. Dunes are sandy corridors that were formed as a result of the action of sea winds. They are located next to Łeba and are one of the biggest tourist attractions of this region. The dunes move with the movement of the winds, so it is worth watching them from afar to see the beauty of the desert landscape.

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How to get to Łącka dune?

They are located in the Słowiński National Park and to reach them you should head west from the town of Łeba. Walking on foot after about 9 kilometers from the very center we will reach the place. Access to the park by car takes about 5-8 minutes. You can also use the services of local taxi transport type melex. Extremely popular. However, it should be remembered that these taxis take you to the ticket office, and thus to the boundaries of the park. After supplying the ticket after about 500m from the ticket office, we can get on another melex, but this time already in the park, which will take us to … dune museum. The last 2 km (about 20 minutes away) we have to go on foot.

How much do you go to the moving dunes of Łeba?

It depends on where we want to get to them from. The shortest way leads from Łeba along the red trail and it is up to 9 km. The trail is quite interestingly led – along the asphalt road. You can get there by car or bus, as well as by bike or on foot. Already in the park just behind the ticket offices we have the opportunity to choose. Follow the red/green trail or take a short walk along the black trail to the beaches and walk along the coastline.

Cycling to the dunes with a child?

It will not be difficult, even if your child is small. The bicycle route is the same as for melexes – entirely asphalt, and the last 2 km paved gravel or in places forest duct. But remember that the destination is huge swathes of sand – all the way to the horizon. So walking with a bike through the dunes is impossible if not prohibited. This small desert will be an extraordinary attraction for the kid. But also take into account that leaving the trail and crossing the ropes “ala barriers” is punishable by a fine of PLN 5,000, so it is your duty to ensure that the kid does not go to a prohibited place.

Attractions in the Słowiński National Park

Wandering sands are not the only tourist attraction of the Słowiński National Park. The beauty of the beaches, the lake spreads on a horizontal line. The spit in its offer has even less frequented Czołpin dunes – without crowds in the high season. Lighthouses, a tower and observation decks and a magical coastal belt including sunken forest. The beauty of the Polish coast is confirmed by numerous tourists from Germany and Western countries. Of the permanent attractions, you can not forget about the open-air museum of the Museum of the Slowinian Village in Kluky, which is located on the EuroVelo bicycle road.

Price of tickets and SPN parking:

One-time admission / cycling to the park is PLN 7 for adults and PLN 3.5 for children. A passenger car in the parking lot is PLN 3 for each started hour. (Prices as of the post creation date September 2022)

Travel insurance – from 2 PLN / day

Each trip carries a certain risk, so let me add here information about cheap travel insurance in the event of events that we are not able to predict. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer.

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