dom w muzeum wsi słowińskiej w klukach

Cottages and farmsteads – Museum of the Slowinska Village

The branch of the museum of Central Pomerania based in Słupsk has in its offer a sensational piece of Polish history. The Museum of the Slowinian Village in Kluky presents the buildings of the eighteenth century – which allows you to depict the life of people 200-300 years ago.

Pomeranian home construction of that time is a unique example of vernacular architecture in Poland. A characteristic feature of all the old folk construction in Pomerania is the timber frame structure. Seen elements of the structure, which reign supreme from the eighteenth century to this day, are considered the charm of the tradition of construction. The skeleton of the structure is formed by vertical columns and horizontal transoms. At the corners of the walls, the structure was stiffened by diagonal beams running from the window to the front beam or shorter so-called swords. Currently protected with a black coating or tar. The filling consisted of brick, clay and straw bleached with lime. The roofs on the huts and corrals were covered with reeds or straw and in this climate the village is maintained to this day.

The first element that catches the eye, or rather in the head are low rooms and door openings. According to the information collected, our ancestors were about ~ 20cm shorter than we are today.

… The Museum of the Slowinska Village focuses on the tradition of …

Old rooms, kitchens, stoves and work stations make it easier to depict the life of man in those days. The barn next to the living room sounds like a phenomenon from prehistory, and this is only 3-4-5 generations back.

The museum itself is located on the EuroVelo10 cycling trail and for cyclists it can also be an additional attraction to visit.

On the same road a few kilometers to the west there is a sensational restaurant Stodoła – Łokciowe.

Elbow Barn
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