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Kashubian windmill + turret

Kashubia – how charming part of the Polish unjustifiably omitted from tourist and natural plans. During the return from Pomerania to Silesia, we decided to look into 2 places recommended by local guides and travel vloggers, e.g. Zosia and Pioter – the creators of the channel “Where To Be“.

Tourist attractions Kashubia

  1. Kashubian windmill in Ręboszewo
  2. Wieżyca
  3. BONUS: Museum of the Slowinian Village – History of culture – [Formerly in Kashubia]

Kaszuby Windmill in Ręboszewo stands on a wonderful viewpoint of the Kashubian Landscape Park – it is the top of the “Sobótka” mountain. Inside, there is a place for rent for tourists. From what I remember, the first day costs PLN 300 further is about PLN 70-80 / person (as of 09.2022) On the hill there are two houses, a playground and a restaurant. Theoretically, you can drive up to the windmill itself, but I recommend leaving the car at the foot of the mountain. (Entrance takes up to 5 minutes) The windmill is an element of “Kashubian Switzerland”.

The tower right after the windmill seemed to us a valuable point to visit with a limited amount of time. Parking on Google Maps are 2. On one of them there is a guest and runs the fees without tickets, without a receipt, it is not even known whose area it is. That is why I recommend the second – a bit further – FREE from the east side of Wieżyca. [Parking] Picnic tables on site – however, without toilets and trash cans. From the parking lot we have to get to the black trail, which we will get to the hill. Leaving the place where we left the car, we can go along the asphalt road to the right about 400m and on the left side there will be a sign “Nature Reserve”. We can also walk from the parking lot along a path slightly reflecting from the asphalt roadway – this is a safer access to the black trail. Along the black trail we will reach the very top. Entrance to the tower paid. However, it is worth mentioning that this is the highest elevation of Pomerania.

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