Chrobacza Łąka

Chrobacza Łąka in beskid Mały (828 m.a.s.l.)

Chrobacza Łąka in Beskid Mały is a charming place that is worth visiting. It is located in a beautiful area, and getting to the top is not difficult. It is worth coming here in spring or autumn, when the views are breathtaking. The advantage of this place is the fact that on the trail we will not meet too many tourists,

Contents Chrobacza Łąka

  1. Chrobacza Łąka
  2. Naming of Chrobacz or Hrobacz
  3. How do I travel?
  4. Parking next to the trail
  5. Yellow trail
  6. PTTK hostel as a tourist and retreat house

Chrobacza or Hrobacza Łąka?

According to the information on the signs at the top, the spelling by H itself is correct. “Hrobacza Łąka” however… according to the State Register of Geographical Names “Chrobacza Łąka” we write by CH and I will use this name in the entry.

How to get to Chrobacza Łąka by car?

The choice of the starting point is important when conducting a sensible journey. Therefore, I recommend the yellow trail with parking, which is located right next to the Międzybrodzkie Lake.

  • Green trail with the simplest approach from the north – Goat Quarry. The time needed for the hike is 1 hour, and for the walk 2.2km.
  • Yellow trail, which I chose with an approach from the south Żarnówka Duża. The trekking time is 1:45, and 3.8 km of walking.
  • The red trail can be chosen as a descent for the yellow trail. Thus, in 3:20h and after 10km we will make a loop.

Chrobacza Łąka parking

Unfortunately, I do not remember whether the parking lot was paid (rather not) because it is a form of inn with a parking space for trucks. Unfortunately, there were no picnic tables and sanitary facilities on its premises. However, this is compensated by the vicinity of the lake and a beautiful panorama, among others to Góra Żar and Międzybrodzie Żywieckie. The car park is suitable for a one-day camper stop.

The road to the top along the yellow trail from Żarnówka Duża

The road to the top along the yellow trail from Żarnówka Duża is very picturesque. The trail initially leads along an asphalt road among single-family buildings and then long, long through the forest, The last stage is the approach to the mountain with a partially forested peak. The trail leads all the time gently upwards. It is also suitable for a walk with a dog or child. The surface can be illustrated by the fact that in the vicinity of the shelter at the top stood Fiat Panda. 🙂 The views with good air transparency are really impressive, and the hit is the total lack of tourists: Karyn and Januszy.

Remember, this is a very simple trail for a walk with a jackdaw in hand or with a view to a second breakfast at the top


Shelter on the Chrobacza Meadow

The PTTK shelter on Chrobacza Meadow and a giant metal cross are the laurel of the journey. Slightly below the main area of the shelter is a meadow and a gazebo with a place for a bonfire. The hostel has a wonderful view of the Beskydy Mountains and is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The meadow gives a picture (cuts off the tree line) of a beautiful panorama of the area. The hostel itself, which was built in the 30s of the twentieth century for tourists who want to escape from the main tourist area and have a more retreat experience. The hostel offers accommodation, but based on reviews on the net, sometimes there is a problem with this.

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