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Frankfurt Motor Show '15 – an exhibition that no longer exists.

Nothing lasts forever – this is how I would summarize the observations of automotive trends in Central Europe. Even in the ’90s or ’00s, the dream of Poles was a model from the or Mercedes group – obligatory. Maybe the poor version of “Opel” would also pass. When in 2017 PSA took over the aforementioned Opel (GM), it was already clear that the automotive power of Germany had ceased to exist. In 2014 or 2015 – when the photos for this entry were created – I did not know then that I was visiting one of the last motor shows in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt Motor Show IAA ceased to exist after 120 years, and the main reason presented in the media is the significant decreasing number of visitors and the costs of organizing stands borne by brands.

Photo gallery from the Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt am Main

As you are on a tourist blog , I could not mention the city where the automotive exhibitions were organized. Frankfurt am Main is a city located on both banks of the River Main and it is here that the financial capital of Germany is located. What can be seen from the buildings of all known banks. Of course, there is also the main Red Street with brothels every other place nearby. Frankfurt has a uniquely large population of foreigners compared to the rest of Germany. Due to the fact that the city was destroyed in 70-80% during World War II, we will not find too many historical buildings here. It is certainly not an interesting tourist place! Such a European New York in the colors of gray and splendor.

As a consolation, I can mention that the exhibition itself in a truncated version has been moved to Munich and there theoretically it is to be continued without pomp and momentum.

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