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Table Mountains – Dwarf

The Table Mountains are small mountain ranges in the south-western part of the Polish. They are located in the border belt and are part of the Central Sudetes. The main peak of the Sudetes themselves is, of course, Śnieżka, which is 1602 m above sea level. Other popular peaks are: Ślęża, Wielki Szyszak, Mały Szyszak, Czarna Góra or Kręglak. The Table Mountains are famous for their beautiful landscapes and clean air. There are also mineral springs, which are used in medicine.

Table of Contents:

  1. Table Mountains – Dwarf
  2. How do I travel?
  3. History of the name of the mountains
  4. Sudetes and Table Mountains.
  5. What’s worth seeing in the area (Attractions)?
  6. Hiking trails – Poland side
  7. Hiking trails – Czech side
  8. How to dress and what to take with you

Where are they and how to reach them?

The table mountains on the Polish side are located on the road No. 8 from Wrocław to the border crossing with the Czech Republic in Kudowa-Zdrój. In the village of Szczytna or Duszniki-Zdrój it is recommended to head north-west in the direction of Złotno, Łężyce up to Karłowo. Part of the Stołowe Mountains is located on the Kłodzko plateau, and part on the Czech side with the highest peak, which reaches 1,012 meters. On the Polish side, the biggest attraction is Szczeliniec Wielki – a labyrinth of errant rocks, which was created as a result of ancient rock slides.

The road to table top

Where did the name of the mountains come from?

The mountains are compared to Sächsische Schweiz, which means “Swiss Madness”. It is a range in the south-eastern part of Germany. The Stołowe Mountains National Park, in which Szczeliniec Wielki is located, rather owes its name to sandstones ascending in an area of unique shapes – flat and smooth as a table, with a pig at the very top. (One of the rocks resembles a pig snout – we can see it from one of the observation decks)

How the Sudetes and table mountains were created

The Sudetes together with the table mountains are the oldest mountains in Poland. They were created approx. 280 million years ago during the last glaciation. Most of them are covered with forests, and their highest elevation is Śnieżka (1603 m above sea level). Table mountains are very popular among tourists who come here for walks and hiking and cycling because the prepared trails are extremely easy to cross (unless you are a fat :))

What’s worth seeing in the area?

In the Stołowe Mountains there are many interesting places that are worth visiting. First of all, it is the Stołowe Mountains National Park, which includes the most valuable fragments of this area. It is also worth seeing Błędne Skały – a rock labyrinth that is very popular among tourists. Other interesting places are, for example: Rock Mushrooms, The Road of a Hundred Bends and the Bystrzyckie Mountains.

Stołowe Mountains National Park

The Stołowe Mountains Park is a national park covering part of the Stołowe Mountains. The park has an area of 740 hectares and was created on October 23, 1961. It is located in the municipality of Duszniki-Zdrój, in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. In the park there is Skalny Grzyb, Radkowskie Skały and Wielki Grzęzawisko.

Szczeliniec Wielki 919 m above sea level

Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak of the Stołowe Mountains, with a height of 919 m above sea level. It is a popular hiking destination as it offers great views and a sense of achieving your goal – The way back from the summit can be a much more interesting attraction than the summit itself :D. At the top, we pay for the descent trail . There is also a year-round shelter that can be used in case of bad weather. Remember that the green trail to the top is one-way and the markings with the maximum width of the tourist are not for eggs. 😀 It’s just that obese people won’t fit between the rocks. And the break in places does not exceed 45cm and as if – there is no alternative great dane.

Are you fat? don’t load here! 🙂


Errant Rocks

Błędne Skały is a rock trail in the Sudetes right next to the border. There are more than 200 rock formations that were formed by glacial erosion. They are a popular place among tourists who come here to admire the beauty of nature.

Rock Mushrooms

Rock mushrooms are a type of formation of fossils, which in shape in an unusual way resemble mushrooms. The very distribution of a dozen or so formations in the forest in almost identical way reflects real mushrooms. Their size and quantity is also impressive.

The Way of a Hundred Turns

The Hundred Bends Road is a mountain road in Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the vicinity of Kudowa. The road has legendary 100 sharp bends and offers beautiful views of the Radkowska Valley.

Kudowa Zdroj

Kudowa-Zdrój is a spa town located in the vicinity of the National Park. The city is known for many spas and parks, as well as for the Skull Chapel, which houses the remains of over 3,000 Polish soldiers. There are many hiking and cycling trails in the area, and the city is also a popular place for cross-country skiing in winter.


Wambierzyce is a village in Kudów County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland. It is the seat of the Gmina Wambierzyce. It is located about 10 km northwest of Kudowa-Zdrój, 22 km southwest of Jelenia Góra and 128 km west of the region’s capital, Wrocław. The village is located in the Stołowe Mountains National Park, and is the biggest attraction is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Wambierzyce Queen of Families.

Hiking trails in the Stołowe Mountains on the Polish side.

If you are planning a weekend in the mountains, the obligatory point will be:

  • Entrance from Karłowo to Szczeliniec Wielki. Walking time 1h 10 minutes.

Start: Karłów parking -> the didactic road / red trail to -> the entrance to the tourist route im. Franciszka Pablo -> the yellow trail to the pass and the green trail to the top and so on to the end of the path. Remark! one-way route! Note #2! the route is simple to walk, but in the narrowest places it is 45cm wide!

Eagle owl rocks will not let 😀 pass

  • Erroneous rocks are also an hourly trail. Walking time 55 minutes

Start: Błędne Skały, parking -> Błędne skały entrance and red trail in a loop or alternatively longer green.

These are hiking trails very popular among tourists – sloths because they are extremely easy to cross.

Mandatory places to visit on the Czech side.

The trails on the Czech side of the Stołowe Mountains are very beautiful. You can ride a horse, bike or on foot. There are many paths that can be divided into several categories. There are forest paths that lead through the forest directly to the rock city, as well as bicycle and hiking paths, extended by visits to the villages to visit local open-air museums or a museum. The most picturesque are the paths that lead through fields and pastures – on these trails even in the peak season it is difficult to find a tourist.

The absolute TOP 1 to visit is Adršpašské Rock Town – Amazing sandstone rock towering over the trails, forest and lake are truly magical. A walk through this beautiful region can start from the village of Teplice nad Metují and no matter which trail you choose, it will be sensational anyway. 🙂 Hiking random trails perfect for the whole day – many alternatives and loops to do. Teplice rocks are one of the most interesting places I have visited in my tourist life.

How to dress for a hike in the so-called plate mountains?

When hiking in the Stołowe Mountains, it is important to dress appropriately for the trail and weather conditions – so that it is safe. The weather in the mountains can change quickly, so it’s important to be prepared for both hot and cold temperatures. Short trails allow for some deviations, but it should be remembered, this is not a promenade for the sea eye.

Hiking in the Table Mountains can be easy or very easy, so there is no point in exaggerating, unless your hike is not a one-day hike you will have to take into account that the shelters are at much greater distances than, for example, in the Carpathians. An alternative to accommodation can be prepared places to rest by local municipalities or cheap accommodation Booking.

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